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These Organizations and Individuals have been of tremendous assistance to Hope4KidZ Children
Please let them know that you found their information on Hope4KidZ. (Some offer Discounts for H4K Visitors)
Most of these references charge for their services, but the fees are extremely reasonable and the assistance is invaluable.
We want to hear your feedback on the service you receive.

  • 90.1 KRDR
    "Magic Mix" 90.1 is the most for New Mexico!
  • Peter Love "The Smooth Entertainer" wrote "Save Our Children", hitting # 3 in the Chicago Area. He is available to assist in seminars, fundraisers, and his music is for All Our Children
    Peter Love is a musical artist and is very involved in helping to "Save Our Children".

  • Chuck Ragland offers the expertise he gained working within Child Protective Services for 8 years. Assisting families and their attorneys who have been falsely accused of child abuse. For more information about his services and contact information, Click Here
  • Miracles of Hope
  • Defense Foundation For Children
    The Defense Foundation For Children USA
    Juvenile Defense Resources, Information, Experts,
    Media Contacts, Investigative Journalism
    Changing The Destiny Of A Child
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome Defense
    They are a group of consultants, doctors and legal experts who represent those falsely accused of abuse by "Shaken Baby Syndrome". We believe that Shaken Baby Syndrome is often incorrectly diagnosed leading to false allegations and convictions. It is not our intention here to defend child abuse or child abusers and we recognize that there are many legitimate cases of child abuse filed in this country each year.
  • Texas Center For Family Rights
    Promoting, Protecting, and Preserving The Texas Family
  • A.C.T., Adoption In Child Time
    Serving Foster Families in Indiana
  • Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses
    Dr. John Breeding - mention Hope4KidZ for a discount.
    Books to assist anyone who works with children, including parents.
  • Representative Suzanna Gratia Hupp's Biography
  • July 2004 - Progress Report
    It has been said that any society can be judged by how it treats its weakest members. My investigation shows that Texas can and must be judged harshly.
    We are not doing all that is necessary to protect our children. Texas is great, but we can do better.

  • April 2004 - Forgotten Children
    “They are everybody’s children, and nobody’s children. They are the forgotten children in the Texas foster care system. Some of them find homes with caring foster parents, or in treatment centers with experienced and caring providers. And some do not. Some foster children have been moved among 30, 40 or even more all-too-temporary “homes.” Some have been sexually, physically and emotionally abused while in the system; some have run away and joined the ranks of the missing. A few have even died at the hands of those entrusted with their care. This report gives these children something they need—a voice.”
    Carole Keeton Strayhorn
    Texas Comptroller
    From Forgotten Children
    April 2004
  • Letter to Texans
    Texas State Comptroller, Carole Keeton Strayhorn
    One Mad Grandma Who is Solution Oriented, and is determined to bring about positive change in the present foster care systems. Hopefully, she will run for Governor. We need someone in that office and in the office of Lt. Governor, who will force better care, not using Minimum Standards but rather enforce Maximum Standards.

  • Brennen Leigh Band
    Wonderful Bluegrass Music - Perfect group for a fundraiser!
  • Banjo, guitar, piano, and singing by Lonnie Key, My Friend

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