The State of New York

  • State of New York Home Page
    Contains links to all branches of government in New York.
    Links to courts, attorneys, forms, help, and more
  • New York State Unified Court System Home Page
  • NY Courts & Law Guide
    This guide includes links to more than 400 documents, written in plain English, that explain the courts and laws of New York to non-lawyers.
  • Fact Finding Hearings on Neglect and Abuse Cases
    When ACS (BCW or CWA) accuses you of neglecting or abusing your children, your ACS worker must file a paper ("petition") in Family Court to officially start the case against you. This document provides information on what steps you should take.
  • Court Rules & Individual Judges' Rules
    for the New York State & Federal Courts This is the most up-to-date set of local rules available -- on the Web or in print -- for the New York state and federal courts.
  • "Employment Rights for Survivors of Abuse" fact sheets

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