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  • Child Passenger Safety
    What does the law state about car seats and booster seats? What is right for your child? Is your child under 8 years of age? Find out how to install car seats properly, the correct way to buckle kids up, and the correct car seat or booster seat that is required by law. Also, all children under age 12 MUST ride in the back seat of the car and use a seat belt.
  • Survivors of the System: Foster Children United
    - About Foster Kids/For Foster Kid
    This site belongs to Marie, a former foster child, and is one of the best sites I have come across in a very long time. She has an amazing number of helpful links for foster children, survivors of foster care, foster parents, adoptive parents, social workers, and more. Check it out!
  • FREE Legal Forms, contracts and agreements Lots of Free Forms, although your state courthouse may have the ones you need as well. They should be used as templates or basic outlines to faciliate you in creating your own legal documents.
  • Student Law Center:
    This is the simplest way I have found to create a Sample Freedom of Information Act Letter according to your State FOIA requirements. Enter your information and the Wizard does the rest
  • Miracles-of-Hope
    Raising awareness of child abuse throughout the world.

  • Help Save Kids

  • Compassionate Friends
    Grief Support After the Death of A Child
  • Constitutional Right to Custody
    Contains a lot of caselaw on this subject
  • National Association Family Court Justice
    Numerous Links With Information about the Judges presiding over Family Courts in the U.S.
    Data concerning PAS, Parental Alienation Syndrome, often used against one parent when a child brings forth the accusation of sexual and/or physical abuse against the opposite parent..
  • Dawson, of Texas, Exposes Child Protective Services
    Excellent source of information concerning illegal management of funds within CPS
    There is excellent supportive data at this site. This is his report to the Sunset Committee.
  • International Network on Therapeutic Jurisprudence
    Studies the law's impact on emotional life and psychological well-being, international clearinghouse and resource center on therapeutic jurisprudence, listing of conferences; adds a new dimension of thought, certainly more civilized, in my opinion, to consider when creating and imposing the laws.
  • American Psychology-Law Society

    For those interested in this interdisciplinary study, news, publications, produced by University of Nebraska Psychology and Law Program
  • Institute of Law, Psychiatry, and Public Policy Mental health and law resources, forensic psychology and research
  • Divorced from Justice/Justice Seekers

    Expert witness directory, bill of rights for legal consumers, self-help legal forms, lawyer data bank, newsletter, book of same title
  • Citizens for Independent Courts
  • Special Needs Family Fun offers family fun and special needs resources to enhance the fun and quality of family life for families with disabilities.
  • Family friendly fun offers family fun and family health resources to enhance the quality of family life.

  • Child Protection Reform
  • Brandt Law

  • Contacting The Media

  • KHOU TV Channel 11, Houston, TX



    Daily Astorian, OR

    The Daily News, Longview, WA

    The Daily World
    Aberdeen, WA

    Centralia Chronicle, WA

    Olympic Peninsula, WA

    The Press

    Media Info
    Editor & Publisher (Magazine)

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