The State of Louisiana

  • State of Louisiana Home Page
    Contains links to web pages for all branches of government.
  • Louisiana Office of Community Services
    The Office of Community Services provides for the public child welfare functions of the state and administers the federal grants for services directed at meeting the special needs of Louisiana's most vulnerable citizens.
  • Louisiana Department of Social Services - Child Welfare
    This site provides a summary of child welfare services, with references to Louisiana State Code, for things such as Adoption Services, Child Protection Investigations, Child Protection Emergency Day Care, etc.
  • Louisiana Governor's Office
    Website of the Governor of Louisiana
  • Louisiana Title 67 - Social Services
    This is a very large pdf (adobe) web site, containing 168 pages. It takes a very long time to download into your browser, so be patient. It contains sections on Child Protective Services (Administration and Authority, Intake, Conducting Investigations in Families), Family Services, Foster Care, and Adoptions.

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