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  • Civil Rights & Liberties Violations
  • Disabilities
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Domestic Violence
  • Faith-Based & Community Initiatives
  • Fraud
  • Immigration Information
  • Prison & Parole Information
  • Safe Communities
  • Youth Violence
  • Victims of Crime

  • Code of Federal Regulations: Title 9

  • Locate Your Congressional District
    Automated Directory Listing to help you find your Congressional District

  • White House
    Today's news headlines
  • The Evidence Project - Article III. Presumptions
  • Code of Federal Regulations: Title 28, Part 701
  • LII: State Statutes by Topic
  • DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Crime Victim Assistance
    AGENCY: Office of Justice Programs, Office for Victims of Crime, Justice.
    Victims of Crime Act Victim Assistance Grant Program
    VOCA authorizes federal financial assistance to states for the purpose of compensating and assisting victims of crime, providing funds for training and technical assistance, and assisting victims of federal crimes. These Program Guidelines provide information on the administration and implementation of the VOCA victim assistance grant program as authorized in Section 1404 of VOCA, Public Law 98-473, as amended, codified at 42 U.S.C. 10603, and contain information under the following headings: Summary of the Comments to the Proposed Program Guidelines; Background; Allocation of VOCA Victim Assistance Funds; VOCA Victim Assistance Application Process; Program Requirements; Financial Requirements; Monitoring; and Suspension and Termination of Funding. The Guidelines are based on the experience gained and legal opinions rendered since the inception of the grant program in 1986, and are in accordance with VOCA. These Final Program Guidelines are all inclusive. Thus, they supersede any Guidelines previously issued by OVC.
  • U.S. Law--Federal Government--Sources [Law]
  • FindLaw Search for Legal Information
  • Federal caselaw.
  • The Law Engine! Legal Sites (tm)
  • Dept. of Health and Human Resources
  • The Administration for Children and Families
  • Family Courts
  • Code of Conduct for United States Judges
  • Judicial Ethics In the USA
  • FBI Home Page
    Federal Bureau of Investigation- {Comments from numerous others is, 'Don't waste your time here. Just because it is a criminal offense to defraud the federal government does not mean the FBI will give you the time of day.'} Personally, Denton TX, and Dallas TX, were very interested; however, Austin agent was downright rude!
  • National Archives and Records
    National Archives and Records Administration
    Public papers of the Presidents of the United States
  • State Liaison Officers for Child Abuse and Neglect
    These individuals are employed by the Department of Protection and Regulatory Services

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