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  • At Risk Profile
    See if you qualify for having a positive "At Risk Profile"
  • Locate Your Representatives
  • Health & Human Services Commission
    2004 - HB 2292 Transition - "Twelve agencies are being blended to create four departments under the direction of the Health and Human Services Commission......."
    Consolidation News, Updates, SiteMap, Home Page
  • Texas Health & Human Services Commission Organizational Chart (PDF File)
    The Who's Who of the Agencies
  • Reporting Fraud to the Office of Inspector General
    A 2-Page, Online Fraud Abuse Reporting
  • DPRS

  • Texas Department Protective and Regulatory Services
    Filing A Complaint Against The Agency, with The Agency
  • Sitemap for the Website of Texas Protective Services
    Links To All Locations within the Website of Texas Protective Services
  • Report Complaints about Child Protective Services
  • Licensing Division

  • About PRS
    The Responsibilities of Protective Regulatory Services
  • TX Department of Family & Protective Services Policy and Procedure Handbook CPS Policy & Procedures
    Know Your Rights
    May not Be The Most Current Version. Please verify with your legal counsel.
  • Texas Dept. Family & Protective Services
  • Search TX Residential Care Facilities
  • Grievance Procedure Against Agency
  • Investigative Resources
  • San Antonio Crime Database
  • TX Public Records at
  • Housing

  • Locate Texas Housing
  • Education

    Texas Education Association
    User Guide for Parents and Educators in Texas Public Schools

  • Texas State Medical Board Examiners
    To Verify the Validity of Your Doctor's License and verify if any complaints have been filed/or justified
  • Texas State Medical Board
    Filing A Complaint Against A Doctor

  • Listing of all Texas Licensed Social Workers
  • Univ. of Texas Law Libraries
  • Department of Health, Texas
  • A Woman's Right To Know PDF
  • Secretary of State
    - Site Index
    The Secretary of State is one of six officials named in the Texas Constitution who form the Executive Department of the State. The Secretary is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate.
  • Texas Health & Human Services
  • Sitemap for the Website of Texas Protective Services
    Links To All Locations within the Website of Texas Protective Services
    Please Note: Although the following organizations claim absolute separation and individuality, they are on the website under, the umbrella
  • Texas Protective Services
  • About PRS
    What Are The Responsibilities of Protective Regulatory Services
  • Complaints to Ombudsman
  • Email the Ombudsman's Office
    *The Ombudsman's office is supposed to make recommendations based on their independent investigation. I was extremely fortunate to have spoken with Ms Gretchen G. in the Ombudsman's Office because she did her job and she listened to me. What the Ombudsman's Office chose to do with that information and whether or not their inquiry into this case was followed by a retaliation toward our family will never be known. I have attempted contacting her multiple times but she is no longer in that office. I don't know if our case and her participation in it impacted her job in any way. I do not have statistics as far as client (you, me, someone's grandmother, so... anyone) satisfaction with this office; although everyone I have spoken with who has contacted The Texas Ombudsman's Office, (Ms Betty Hable), has been very dissatisfied with the results and numerous individuals have expressed that they felt retaliated against after a Caseworker for CPS learned of the clients' contact with the Ombudsman's Office. [Contact can also be used to support the CPS common allegation: "Showing an inability to work with the system"] If you feel you have been retaliated against because you contacted the Ombudsman's Office, we NEED to hear from you.
  • TX Family Code - Table of Contents
  • Texas Administrative Code
    Title 40: Social Services and Assistance
  • Administrative Provisions for Chapter 40-CPS Policies-
  • Department of Health, Texas
    Sitemap of the Texas Department of Health

  • TX Freedom of Information Rules and Regulations

  • - TX State Comptroller's Office
  • Judges
  • State Commission On Judicial Conduct
  • Texas Code of Judicial Conduct
  • Filing A Complaint against a Texas Judge
    Forms Available in English and Spanish
    What is Judicial Misconduct and What is Not Considered Judicial Misconduct
  • Court Rules In TX
    This link contains a number of sources that relate to judges' conduct, including state laws, Texas Supreme Court Rules and opinions.
  • - Judicial Ethics
  • Judicial Conduct Canons
  • -
    How to file a Complaint Against The Judge for Violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct
    Margaret J. Reaves, Executive Director
    State Commission on Judicial Conduct
    P.O. Box 12265, Capitol Station
    Austin, TX 78711
    (512) 463-5533
    FAX (512) 463-0511
  • Public Sanctions Against Texas Judges
  • Texas Judiciary Online

  • The below links are available at the Texas Judiciary Online Link Above


    Supreme Court of Texas
    Court of Criminal Appeals
    Courts of Appeals
    Appellate Court Clerkships


    District Courts
    Constitutional County Courts
    Statutory County Courts
    Probate Courts
    Assoc. Judges & Masters
    Administrative Regions
    Justice of the Peace Courts
    Municipal Courts
    Foster Care Courts


    Office of Court Administration
    Texas Judicial Council
    Technology Committee (JCIT)
    Judicial Conduct Commission
    Committees & Task Forces
    Judicial Training Centers
    State Law Library
    Indigent Defense Information


    New Rules

    Civil Procedure
    Appellate Procedure
    Judicial Administration
    Parental Notification


    Model Forms
    Case Management Software
    Judicial Directory
    Statutory Reporting
    TMCEC Benchbook
    Indigent Defense Information
    Telecommunications Database
    District Clerk Manual


    Canons of Judicial Conduct
    Judicial Ethics Opinions
    Judicial Conduct Commission
    Judicial Office Candidacy


    Rule 12
    Committee Opinions


    Federal Courts
    Legal Sites
    Judicial Training Centers
    State Bar of Texas
    Associations and Boards
    State of Texas Home Page
    National Center for State Courts


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