Hope4KidZ Mission is to Advocate for EACH Child
We Will Always Remember That Our Work Is To Protect and Support

angel, children

Lexi & Wesley

Kayla Yvonne
Murdered- Guardian

(National News)

Carolyn Futrell Arrested
1st Degree Murder - Death Penalty
Indicted by GJ 8/18/04

Cole's Adoption
Adoption Finalized

~Kendall Hunt~
Murdered- Boyfriend

Trevor Nolan
Murdered- Foster Care

Bobbie Kay
Adopted by Strangers

Amber & Lisa
SAFE at Home

Bobbie Lynn
SAFE at Home

Briana's Story
Adopted by Strangers

Ashleigh's New Luggage


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A Tear Fell
by: Dale Nolan

Whole World In His Hands


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