The People Cry

Today another mother cried
Another father's plea went unheard
Somewhere their child has gone
Oh God don't let it be so

We cry, we plead
Not a soul seems to hear
Somewhere our child is lost
Doesn't anyone care

Another Mother's Day
Without my child
It feels my heart will break
Another Father's Day will come

Somewhere in this mess
Lie our broken hearts
Our lives are all askew
We try to make sense of it all

Our plans for our child
Are now stuck in this wall
Dreams that never will be
Can no one understand

Does someone care
What the children need
It's not about money
Our love is not for sale

What do we do with these lives
That never will mend
We cry in the dark
We fight in the day
When will it ever end

Our child is Gone

Dedicated to my family for their loving patience and support,
and for believing in this project to bring Hope to families everywhere.
I am truly blessed.