James R. Hine

August 11, 1999

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wright
Houston, Texas 77XXX

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wright:


Catherine Clark Mosbacher
Chair, Houston
Jon M. Bradley
Maurine Dickey
Richard S. Hoffman
Naomi W. Lede
Edward L. Wagner
Harker Heights

The Ombudsman Office for the Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (PRS) reviewed the information you sent concerning problems you have experienced with Child Protective Services (CPS). Ms. Gretchen Brandenburg reviewed the information.

You were concerned that your application to be licensed as a foster and adoptive parent was denied by CPS. A letter dated March 5, 1998, informed you of the denial of your application for a license. On March 15, 1998, you wrote a letter to CPS requesting a review of the decision to deny your application.

As you know, the Texas Administrative Code provides an administrative review process for applicants who have been denied. CPS Management Policy requires staff to discuss the reasons for denying a license. The applicant must be informed, verbally and in writing, of their right to an administrative review. If the applicant requests an administrative review, it must be conducted by a program director or another staff member designated by the program administrator. After the review is conducted, the applicant must be given a written explanation of PRS's final decision. You did not receive written notification of the results of an administrative review. We apologize that this procedure was not followed by CPS staff.

The Ombudsman Office has determined that these procedures were not followed by CPS staff at the time of your written request for an administrative review. A letter written on April 28, 1999, informed you that CPS administrators reconsidered the decision, reviewed the record again, and upheld the decision not to license you. (*Note: Click Here for the letter we received from Child Protective Services Administration, dated 4/28/99, {One YEAR after we filed our appeal!} which stated we were NOT entitled to an appeal because we were not a perpetrator!) Also, Pat Lee, the administrator, testified in court that the appeal was NEVER reviewed!) You have no other recourse within PRS to appeal this decision.

You pursued the adoption of a child through the courts and recently were denied the right to adopt the child. Due to strict confidentiality laws, information CPS may have concerning a family is confidential. Only persons who retain their parental rights or individuals who have conservatorship of a child are entitled to receive case information relating to that child. Our office is not at liberty to discuss confidential information regarding a child's identity, past or current life circumstances, or decisions made by CPS regarding the child. The other issues identified by you involve case-specific decisions made by CPS staff. Any discussion with you regarding those issues, would involve discussions about confidential information.

It was appropriate for you to take this matter to the courts for a judge to render a decision. The Ombudsman Office has looked into your concerns and feedback has been provided to CPS administrators regarding the identified policy and procedure issues.

P.O. Box 149030, Austin, Texas 78714-9030 (512) 834-3744

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Mr. And Mrs. Larry Wright

August 11, 1999

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Thank you for contacting the Ombudsman Office.


Betty B. Hable
Director, Ombudsman Office


P.O. Box 149030 Austin, Texas 78714-9030 (512) 834-3744

This is ALL that happens when CPS violates policies and procedures. Tamara Carroll, Linda Hollie, Pat Lee, Sergio Portal, and Gertha Williams are allowed to violate our right to an appeal as well as our right to be treated as decent human beings. Our extended families have been destroyed and Rebekah is now living in a nightmare created by lies and deception. For this we receive an apology!