We Will Work To See Bekah's Law Refined and Enacted
Until We Draw Our Last Breath

  • Hope4KidZ, Inc. is a public benefit corporation, which is organized for a public or charitable purpose.
  • To improve legal protection of parents and children involved in adoption.
  • To help make Child Protective Services, hereinafter referred to as CPS, policies readily available to anyone involved in any relationship with CPS.
  • To improve accountability of CPS, legal and otherwise, to those affected by its policy and procedures and to otherwise inform and assist all people involved in adoption and care of children.
  • We will continue to work with legislatures and the state offices of the ACLU to assure overly broad and vague gag orders/laws do not prevent anyone from speaking about the judicial process.

We must work TOGETHER For The Sake of ALL Children and Families!

What happened in our life and in the life of our precious Rebekah should never happen in anyone's life. Lives have been forever altered and extended familial relationships have been destroyed by lies as each individual tried to decide whom they would align themselves with. More importantly, a little girl's mommy and daddy were taken and the only reason given by the reckless caseworker Tamara Carroll: "I ASSumed." When it was learned that she had ASSumed incorrectly, rather than correct the tragedy, the numerous antics involved in CYA began. CPS workers are trained to use adversarial tactics in dealing with potential child abusers. This often causes workers to polarize and no matter how much truth they are presented with, they will not budge.

This was the only time Bekah had been safe and loved in her life. She has no understanding of why we abandoned her. The last time I saw her I told her, "Mommy will be back in three days and we will go see the ducks." We did not even get the opportunity to say goodbye. Who committed the crime here? It should never happen again, but it will unless things change.

This is only the beginning. We want things to be better for all children and we are willing to spend the rest of our lives making change happen.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today's children will be in control of OUR future.

Knowledge is Power!

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