Congressman Joe Baca

San Bernardino California

March 13, 2004

I did the best I could in the limited amount of time I had. Testifying before Congressional Leaders is new for me. This will be the first of many and next time, we will have everyone's information, organized in the special manner required. It is tedious and we would like to get a number of story outlines, with supportive evidence, prepared before our next opportunity to tell the stories of children who are Protected to Death. We will work harder on creating a paper trail that can be followed.

Speech Will Be Available Soon

Congressman Joe Baca, San Bernardino, CA, is one of the most caring of individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting.

We need leaders who listen to the people and then investigates what information they are receiving. This does not mean that when we contact our Representatives and try to explain the challenges we are experiencing in our dealing with Child Protective Services, their response is to call CPS and ask what is going on in the case! In my experience, that is all that happens. After all, state Congressmen and state Representatives, at whatever level, do not consider their offices to be "investigative offices". The abuse is now so well known and many are beginning to believe the pictures of the abuse, words alone were not enough, and it is time for a Congressional Inquiry.

These pictures are not the sole property of Hope4KidZ, Inc. I was given a link to where they were located and told to find what I needed. I hope to post other pictures of this fantastic event, including news coverage, but I need to get permission from various individuals.

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