CPS Reporting


This Data Is Used To Determine The Future of a Child's Life

This document was created directly from a CPS Case File.

When this document was created, we did not attempt to slant it in any way. We were trying to understand what happened. The file was of no help! Is it any wonder that CPS makes so many "mistakes?" The consistency and truth necessary to make such important decisions as to where a child will spend the rest of their lives is based on information like this!

Eats well - Log of Contact Narratives 12/31/97
Usually in a good mood - Log of Contact Narratives 12/30/97
Happy and delightful - Log of Contact Narratives 12/31/97

Reports for Jan., Feb., and March 0f 1998 are missing.

Very Sickly Child who stops playing, pulls hair, and screams for no apparent reason -- Foster parent testimony during termination trial - 4/98

Generally, a healthy child - Health, Social, Educational, and Genetic History Report 5/14/98
Babbles words such as "peeze" (please), "tandy" (candy), "cookie", "kittie", "bye-bye", "mama", and "daddy" - Health, Social, Educational, and Genetic History Report 5/14/98

Talking up a storm - Log of Contact Narratives 6/2/98
Doing very well - Log of Contact Narratives 6/2/98
Her appetite is poor; snacks all day - Log of Contact Narratives 6/2/98

Language is limited to "Mommy" and "Daddy" and a few other verbalizations - Psych Evaluation 6/4/98
Sad and withdrawn, also nonverbal - Psych Evaluation 6/4/98
A very sickly child - Psych Evaluation 6/4/98
Does not explore her environment - Psych Evaluation 6/4/98
Doesn't meddle in cabinets like other children - Psych Evaluation 6/4/98
Always sad and worried - Psych Evaluation 6/4/98
Stands and cries - Psych Evaluation 6/4/98
Seems unhappy and is shy - Psych Evaluation 6/4/98
Sits on the curb and watches siblings play - Psych Evaluation 6/4/98
Never initiates play with toys or others - Psych Evaluation 6/4/98
She does not participate - Psych Evaluation 6/4/98
Fearful of swings - Psych Evaluation 6/4/98

Enjoys swings - Child's Service Plan 7/20/98
Very curious and active - Child's Service Plan 7/20/98
Happy girl; sweet and friendly personality - Child's Service Plan 7/20/98
Enjoys running, playing, swinging, and coloring - Child's Service Plan 7/20/98
Very active - Child's Service Plan 7/20/98
Eats everything - Child's Service Plan 7/20/98

Reports for August, 1998 through May of 1999 are also missing.

Continues to be a finicky eater and sometimes does not eat enough - Psych Eval 5/22/99

This document reflects the horrible record keeping that goes in within CPS. This information came from a real casefile. One day the child is afraid of swings, the next day she enjoys swinging. One day she does not eat, the next day she eats everything. One day she is pulling her hair out, noncommunicative, and sitting on the curb watching the children play, the following day she is running, playing, swinging, and coloring, and is described as a happy girl with a sweet and friendly personality.

These Contact Narratives are used to assess how well your child is doing in foster care, how they respond after visiting their parents, and whether or not the child needs special services, as well as other important decisions about the future of their lives!

If you are involved in a case involving Child Protective Services, Get A Copy Of Your Child's Case File! Before court, go through the file and write down every single description given of your child, date description given, and who made the statements. If you can enter this information into a spread sheet program you will be able to present it more clearly by sorting on the date column. It is equally important to note what is NOT in the file.