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The Day WILL come when our little boys and girls will be all grown up. Will we honestly be able to say we have done all within our power to ensure they grow up to be morally sound, ethically grounded, peaceful, contributing members of society?
One day we will have to answer for the choices we have made on their behalf.

Let us try to learn from our previous mistakes and band together to create a better tomorrow for all our children's sakes.

This website is the sole property of Hope4KidZ, Inc. No other individual or entity may claim ownership of any information provided herein. The individuals who have assisted in procuring the documents and stories we feature are honored Special Thanks
. These individuals are volunteers and thus will be held blameless should any controversy arise.

It is our belief that until Child Protective Services and judges who support their decisions are made accountable for the lives they so swiftly pass judgement on, our children are not safe and their best interest are not at the root of the decisions made. The anonymity that is actually in place to protect the child becomes the weapon used by Child Protective Services and numerous judges to protect the adults making the decisions and have little if anything to do with protecting the child. One can easily say that putting a child's face and first name on a website is injurious to that child. I say, "Until the Caseworkers and Judges are held accountable for their actions, the children are not safe to begin with!" I do not believe one child who has been placed in a home due to the bounty on their heads nor the child who lies in a dark grave, would have ever been concerned that someone loved them enough to defy authority and gain them safety and a home where they knew love."

The majority of information on this website is created from the documents family members have sent to various governors, congressmen, and other state representatives. As such, they are already a matter of public record. As any journalist, I have made painstaking effort to verify this information to the best of my ability. Should you find any information that is incorrect, please submit proof of such to the Webmaster .

I am fully aware that many judges and caseworkers, and even a few attorneys, do not like the fact that their names are on this website. I encourage these individuals to look to the best interest of the child. This is not one-sided reporting. When judges, caseworkers, and attorneys make an effort to consider what the child needs we make a point to inform our readers of these individuals care and concerns for the children they represent. You will find numerous statements concerning Rebekah's original caseworker who truly cared about her and who told the truth and stood by it throughout our two year nightmare (she was removed as Bekah's caseworker after we filed to adopt her!). These individuals are to be admired because they are in the minority.

I ask any individual who is so deeply concerned about the stories we feature, "What is your real fear?" "Is it truly the child's anonymity you are so vehemently against exposing or is it your actions you are wanting to hide?" I feel the Child Protective/Destructive Services and judges throughout our land have hidden behind the wall of confidentiality long enough. It is time to shed light on the dark corners of our family court rooms throughout the United States. I will not bow to the demands, extorted or otherwise, demanded by judges in the United States unless it is in writing. As an American citizen, I am able to express my opinions; a right given me by the First Amendment.

Again I state, "This website is a work of my own. It comes from my heart and from the pain my family and the families of other's has endured as a result of the underexposed cruelties of a system gone awry. I will not remove a story on my website unless presented with a written request from a court of law, after I appeal it!" Furthermore, we are preparing to begin another letter campaign if this aggressiveness does not cease. The First Amendment does not give me the right to express the facts and my opinion only if it coincides with yours!

I attempt to maintain records in order to prove my editorial facts and the sources I receive them from. Please note, if subpoenaed, I may be legally required to produce them (I will try not to "lose" them, as has happened in every case written about on this website; although it appears permissible by the Child Protective Services). We are here to help, not harm. Rather than being inflamed by seeing the truth from our perspective, consider this, 'What if the information you are seeing on this site is true? What if the state workers have led you to believe a lie? Will you sacrifice a child because of your vindictive nature?' I implore every individual reading this statement, "Please consider the children's needs. PLEASE."

Warmest Wishes,

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