George W. Bush Responds

The Coward's Way

Here George W. Bush passes the responsibility to James R. Hine.
We wrote Hine when this first started and we wrote him the second time in response to this letter.
James R. Hine's response?
Two years later and we are still waiting for it!

We wish no other family or child ever endure such senseless loss
but they will unless . . . .
someone takes a stand for what is right.

I am fully aware Governor George W. Bush has no legal power to intervene for a child in his state's care. I also find it difficult to understand why he can intervene to save a convicted murderer but not to save the life of an innocent child. This is the man who wants to be president? Is a convicted murderer's life more important than an innocent child?

When CPS would not respond to our requests for information as to what was happening in our case, we contacted the attorney ad litem, Oliver Sprott, who had been appointed to represent Rebekah and her brother and asked him to help us. When he said, {of CPS} "I don't hire 'em and I can't fire 'em," I wrote the judge Pat Shelton and asked him to ask CPS why it had taken over a year for CPS to begin looking for family of these two precious children. On Feb. 25, 1998, Judge Pat Shelton called CPS and all parties to the case into his courtroom, or chambers, and Judge Shelton changed the termination hearing from Sept of '98 to April of '98. Our adoption was denied on Feb. 26, 1998. Was that simply a coincidence? I think not!

During the trial of July 12-16, 1999, Judge Bob Molder asked openly in the courtroom, "What does a person do if they disagree with CPS' decisions? Can they take it to the supreme court?"
No one in the courtroom answered.

What are your rights and who do you contact if you feel CPS is not protecting a child? Do you know?

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