This web page is here to stay! Joanna Wright is responsible for 100% of the content and Terri Bailey is not aware that the page is being put up again!

Hope4KidZ, Inc., Founder, Joanna Wright, attended a hearing in Connecticut, wherin Judge Richard Damiani had demanded that Terri Bailey remove these pages from Hope4KidZ, Inc.'s website. When Joanna arrived in the court room, Terri Bailey was shackled and handcuffed. Damiani stated to Attorney Horror, Briana's GAL, that he could not gag Joanna because he did not have jurisdiction over a visiting Texas resident. He then stated, while looking at Terri Bailey, "but I have absolute jurisdiction over Ms. Bailey."

At a later date, Attorney Horror argued that the gag order was "moot" but the Appellate Court will continue reviewing this case. Nothing in this case is "MOOT". For whatever personal reasons, DCF seems to have become polarized and fear any judge allowing an individual a competent judicial process. What a keg of worms that would open. Gee.. they might even have to start cleaning up their act! According to our Constitutional Attorney, every individual has an unwritten copyright of a picture you take in your own home or with your camera, that picture belongs to you; as long as you don't stick a zoom lens through someone's bathroom window!! You can put it up on a billboard if you so desire!

Way To Go
Attorney Peter Berry!!

Hartford, Connecticut!

Briana with big brother Nate
Briana with her Big Brother

This happy-go-lucky little girl had her entire future redirected by someone obviously on a power trip. There is no evidence to show otherwise!. Her smile was taken by Child Protective Services in Connecticut! Honestly, DCF stood by and watched this beautiful, talkative, outgoing, little girl become a ghost of her once happy self. They all knew why she quit talking, refused solid food, and was placed in a school for mentally challenged children; somehow convinced themselves that in the long run, she would be alright.
Statistics of former foster children would not support DCF's theory of a child's ability to adapt, over and over and over. Terri was the only mommy that Briana had ever known. Terri was licensed to be a foster/adoptive parent; she was an adoptive parent.

Briana, smiling and happy two days before DCF Took Her AWAY!
As you can tell, this was not a professional photo but just a quick picture made by mommy Terri. DCF had forced Briana and Terri to continue to live with the man she was divorcing, for somewhere around a year!! The state hired shrink was even impressed at how well Terri helped Briana deal with the separation and divorce. When he was asked about Briana remaining in the Bailey's home, he has testified that it was his understanding that Mr. and Mrs. Bailey were living together.

DCF must have forgot to inform him that they had finally released Terri and Briana from Mr. Bailey and they were living in a much happier, safer, much less stressful situation. Why would any rational human being decide to force this couple to live together after Terri had made it very clear that divorce was a price she was willing to pay if it meant keeping her promise to DCF and more importantly, to Briana (Mr. Bailey refused to sign the adoption papers when they finally came.} DCF approved of Terri adopting Briana as a single parent.

Instead of removing Briana during the stressful and awkward position both Mr. and Mrs. Bailey had been forced into by DCF, DCF waited until Briana and Terri are both living in a much better environment, then without any warning while Terri was at the DCF office to allow Mr. Bailey to have his visitation, DCF informed Terri that they were taking Briana immediately, with just the clothes on her back.

So much for preparing a child for a major life change!!
According to DCF Policy, in order to remove a child in such an instantaneous manner from a foster home, imminent danger must be present.
After DCF took Briana away, Terri was allowed to visit her times three times and Three Times This Is How She Looked!

Terri asked if Briana was ill but was told by foster parent, she was not allowed to speak per DCF.
After Terri took this picture, DCF stopped her visitations!

The therapist said Briana shut down due to the stress of seeing her mother but

I cannot help but wonder why no one asked why she was already asleep when Terri arrived and was too drowsy to even take her favorite candy and toy?