Bobbie Lynn Wilks with Mom and Brother
Bobbie Lynn is 12 years old and she asked if we would help her.
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I would like to introduce you to Bobbie Lynn Wilks. She is an amazing young lady and although she may be viewed as a child in our country, her life has been anything but the life we all want for our children. She has been forced into the grown up world of courts, lies, abuse, and insensitivity all too soon. She sent an email to me asking for our help and I told her I knew a lot of good people and that we would do all we could to see that she is represented when she returns to court. Here is a quick timeline of events that led Bobbie Lynn to ask for our help:

  • April 16, 1988 - Bobbie Lynn's Birth
  • August 1988 - Bobbie Lynn's father, Gary, sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for burial fraud, grandfather imprisoned for 28 years
  • 1990 - Bobbie's mother, Theresa gets sole custody in divorce
  • Jan. 1993 - Bobbie Lynn and Theresa move to Florida
  • Nov. 1993 - Gary Wilks, out of prison, refuses to let Bobbie return home during Thanksgiving visitation and leaves her in the care of his mother, Bobbie Lynn's grandmother.
  • 1994 - Theresa finally gets visitation orders and begins to see Bobbie Lynn again.
  • April 7, 1996 - Theresa could no longer stand the constant and endless begging and crying of Bobbie Lynn "Please don't make me go back, I promise I will be good. Take me home mommy!" Theresa took Bobbie Lynn home to Florida.
  • April 26, 1996 - Theresa was arrested in Florida and taken handcuffed and shackled through three airports while being returned to Tennessee. The charge was interfering with child custody but when she arrived in Tennessee a problem was discovered! Gary Wilks did not have custody of Bobbie Lynn. Theresa served 21 days in jail for..... WHAT?!?
  • May 13, 1996 - Quickie Hearing was held without notifying Theresa and Gary Wilks was given full custody of Bobbie Lynn

This began a long and seemingly endless battle for Theresa to right the terrible wrong of the Davidson County courts in Nashville, Tennessee. Not only was she wrongfully arrested and humiliated by being taken through the airports in shackles and handcuffs but the courts in TN did not have the jurisdictional right to hear the custody of Bobbie Lynn. Bobbie Lynn was a resident of the state of Florida, not Tennessee. The law states a child's custody MUST be heard in the state where the CHILD is a resident! Bobbie Lynn was unlawfully detained by her father in Nov. 1993. By law, Theresa, being the sole custodian, had the right to have Gary Wilks extradited. Instead Theresa had to fight to gain visitation! The custody was never given to Gary Wilks and when Theresa was unlawfully arrested and taken to Tennessee in 1996, this grave error was discovered.

Rather than correct a terrible wrong against Bobbie Lynn's mother, the Davidson County judge committed another unlawful act; he gave Gary Wilks custody without notifying Theresa of the hearing.

For three years Theresa fought to see her daughter but time and time again Bobbie Lynn's grandparents hung up on her phone calls. According to Bobbie Lynn, she lived a life of solitude, abuse, and endless lies from her grandparents. When Bobbie Lynn asked about her mother she was knocked down and into a coffee table where she hit her head, resulting in serious headaches to this day. Her grandmother told her that her mother didn't want her and that if her mother wanted her why didn't Bobbie Lynn ever receive phone calls or letters. She was told her mother was a stripper and had no time for Bobbie Lynn.

June 10, 1998 - Theresa was successful in getting The Bobbie Lynn Wilks Law passed in Tennessee. This law states that no child will be forced to live with a convicted felon, such as Gary Wilks.

Meanwhile Bobbie Lynn cried herself to sleep night after night wondering what had happened to her loving mommy; refusing to believe her mommy had gone away for good but feeling totally abandoned nonetheless. On Oct. 22, 1998, as she did most days, Theresa called Bobbie Lynn's grandparents in TN and as usual, the grandfather hung up on her. This time however, Bobbie Lynn, hiding in another room, redialed the phone to her mother. Whispering on the phone she pleaded with her mom, "Mommy please come and get me. It's so bad mommy. PLEASE COME AND GET ME NOW!"

Theresa hired a detective who worked with the child advocate who has worked so hard to get Bobbie Lynn home. The advocate and detective jogged by Bobbie Lynn's home and fortunately Bobbie Lynn was out front of her grandparent's home where she resided. When the advocate and detective told Bobbie Lynn they were friends of her mommies, Bobbie Lynn began to sob. She wanted to be taken to her mother immediately but was reassured by the advocate that her mother was trying to move heaven and earth to get her home, legally.

In March 1999, Theresa appeared on the Leeza Gibbons show. The detective and child advocate had video taped their first meeting with Bobbie Lynn and Leeza showed the video. Leeza asked viewers to call the Governor of Tennessee and give Bobbie Lynn a voice. The Governor received over 300 calls per hour!! In June, Theresa finally got visitation approval to see her daughter and on July 28, 1999, Theresa and Bobbie Lynn finally were able to see one another again. They had not seen one another since April 26, 1996!! Bobbie, Mom, Leeza

In November of 1999, after a lengthy and costly custody hearing, Gary Wilks agreed to allow Bobbie Lynn to live with her mother with the stipulation that Bobbie would return to visit at Christmas. In December 1999, Theresa made reservations for Bobbie Lynn to return to TN to visit her father. Bobbie Lynn called her dad and was told that she would have to stay with her grandparents because he did not have time to care for her. Bobbie Lynn, terrified of the abusive alcoholic grandparents, and understandably fearful of being kept from her mother once again, refused to go to TN. Theresa could not force her daughter who had been kept from her for over three years to return to visit the very people who had repeatedly lied, abused, and interfered in her relationship with her daughter.

Once again, Gary Wilks is trying to force Bobbie Lynn to return to TN to live with her grandparents. Gary Wilks does not live with his parents, he does not want Bobbie Lynn to live with him, and he doesn't want her to live with her mother who she so desperately loves and needs.

Theresa faces jail time and a contempt of court charge by the judge in TN who unlawfully took Bobbie Lynn away in the beginning of this nightmare! Should this happen, Bobbie Lynn will be returned to her father/grandparents. It is interesting to note, Gary Wilks attorney is the judge's cousin! Can this judge spell recuse? This same judge has refused to uphold the Bobbie Lynn Wilks Law in open court. Obviously he considers himself above the law.

The only chance Bobbie Lynn has of remaining with her mother is for her to get an attorney for herself. She does not need another courthouse whore for an attorney. She needs a real lawyer and real lawyers cost money. Theresa amd her parents have had to pay over $100,000.00 to get Bobbie Lynn home. She was gone for six years and she has only been home since November. Thank you for helping us help Bobbie Lynn stay home!

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