Our Bobbie Doll
was born June 27, 1994  at 11:27 a.m. at LUCY LEE HOSPITAL in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.  Her life would change our lives forever.  Rosi was with Bobbie Kay's birth mother when she was born and would continue loving her and being her mommy year and a half.
Our Precious Bobbie Kay, at peace with her thumb!
Oct. 1994, Bobbie Kay is ready for trick or treating.
When Bobbie Kay was two, Rosi  learned she was in a shelter with one arm broken and a black eye.  Finally the courts terminated her "mother's" rights.  The judge said Rosi was "too emotionally involved."  Shouldn't everyone be "too emotionally involved" with their children?  So "emotionally involved" their children never have to experience the horror of their parent breaking their arm and giving them a black eye?
Rosemary Rector and Bobbie Kay
At 9 months, Bobbie was one of the most outgoing and happy babies I have known.
Rosi took this picture the last time she saw Bobbie Kay.  Where is the happy, smiling little girl she once knew?
Have You Seen Bobbie Kay?  
Rosi and her family need to know that wherever Bobbie Kay is, she is okay.  
They have no desire to intrude on anyone's life and would NEVER consider doing anything that would in any way cause Bobbie Kay more pain.  They simply need to know Bobbie Kay is loved again.  Rosi has documented Bobbie Kay's life from the moment of her birth until that awful day when CPS lied to her repeatedly, telling her Bobbie Kay would be going home and that this time it would be permanent, then going into meetings with the judge and stating Rosi and her family were too emotionally involved.  Rosi has known Bobbie Kay's mother since she was only a small child.  She knows Bobbie Kay's history.  Please help Rosi, Keith, Melissa, and Julie-Anna gain closure in knowing Bobbie Kay is growing up with the  love and care the had dreamed she would have.