After hearing that many of the foster children throughout the U.S. are called, "garbage bag kids," because the workers show up at their foster or biological parent's homes and the children can throw whatever they can into a garbage bag, if they are lucky enough to have that much time. As soon as the Team were told of Ashleigh's plight, the suitcase was paid for, we had no idea that shipping would cost more than the suitcase. This suitcase was sent to Ashleigh at the time of her birthday as well. The District Attorney had issued an order stating that Ashleigh was not to receive any packages from outside "the system."

According to her father, this entire nightmare began when Ashleigh returned from a visit with her mother and had a "fat lip" and he called DCF. When DCF came, it was not to investigate allegations but rather to take two year old Ashleigh into custody. Her father had raised her since birth.

In a shocking and surprising move, in February of 2002, the judge returned Ashleigh to live with her mother. She had not seen her mother since she two years old. The therapist who testified stated that this child could never be safe if returned to her mother, allegedly had her own life threatened by the mother outside the courtroom!

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