Welcome Home,
Amber and Lisa!!
Lisa And Amber come Home
Many have asked the specifics of Amber and Lisa's return and I hope you understand the reason for not giving more information about them. Amber and Lisa are very precious to me and I want to be responsible and respectful of their age and impressionablity at this time. I have learned they are both very internet savvy; need I say more?

They are home and they are loved, and just as important, they are now being cared for rather than Lisa being responsible for taking care of her sister and family members in NM. My hope for Lisa is that she be able to realize how important SHE is in this world and that at the tender age of 10 can begin to relax and enjoy her childhood. Amber, little miss bodacious, will once again have the support and education she needs to grow into the wonderful adult she is sure to become; given the fact that she is already a wonderful, outspoken, intelligent little girl. I hope the adults in both their lives will always keep the girls' needs at the center of their actions.

Written by Aunt Jo