7800 Administrative Review

TDPRS Child Protective Services / CPS 98-1

Management Policy

When a worker and supervisor decide to close a foster home and/or an adoptive home or to deny an application to provide foster care or adoption, the worker must discuss the reasons for

Administrative review. Foster parents and foster parent recruits and applicants have a right to an administrative review of the decision to not approve their application to be foster parents or to close the foster home.

Source: PRS Rules, 40 TAC §700.1505(b) (Brackets added.)

Management Policy

When a worker discusses the reasons for closure with the foster parents or the reasons for denial with the recruits/applicants, the worker must inform them, both orally and in writing, of their right to an administrative review.

If the recruits/applicants or foster parents request an administrative review, it must be conducted by a program director or another staff member designated by the CPS program administrator. After conducting the review, the staff member responsible for conducting it must give the recruits/applicants or foster parents a written explanation of TDPRS's final decision.


[Administrative review.] Adoptive recruits and applicants are entitled to an administrative review of the decision not to approve their adoptive home for placement of a child.

Source: PRS Rules, 40 TAC §700.1505(a) (Brackets added.)


Management Policy

When an adoptive recruit/applicant requests an administrative review, the program director or staff designated by the CPS program administrator conducts the review. The program director or the CPS program administrator must notify the applicant of the final decision in writing.




This is an EXACT duplicate of CPS' Standard Operating Procedure, grammatical errors, and all. It was scanned and the font changed to be more readable. The Wright's filed their appeal with Pat Lee, Administrator at CPS, in March of 1997 (It was comforting to know Pat Lee was fired after this episode) Honestly, when I saw her sitting there attempting to string several words together to make a sentence, I thought to myself, "I have been terrified of the power you have had over my life for the past two years and you are dumber than dirt!!" Guess CPS finally figured that out too! As of today, June 4, 1999, CPS has NOT responded to the Wright's appeal, either in writing or verbally.

What good are policies and procedures if no one follows them and there are no consequences for the individual/s who ignore their own policies and procedures. Why don't they just throw away the book of policies and procedures and save money by letting go the numerous workers who attempt to keep them current. Not one single caseworker, supervisor, or administrator (five people) in our case testified that they knew the policies that governed their own department!