You are a much needed crusader and one day your efforts will be noticed and rewarded. Little by little things are changing. The long arm of CPS has touched to many lives to go unoticed any longer. Your name will be listed among the champions of family's and children. God Bless,

Hope4kids GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL THE WORK YOU DO!!You don't know me but I sure know of you, I was Kayla's Great Aunt. I just wanted to say I agree with all you've said about what we are going through, the more they try to hide the truth the louder we MUST SCREAM IT! Keep up your work, we need more brave people to stand up for our children.

You are truly my family's angel. Thanks so much for the gift you sent my daughter. She just received it today and to hear how it made her day was unreal. She just woke up in the hospital and was greeted with your gift of kindness. She hasn't been awake for much but that definitely woke her up and she sounded like Santa Clause had been there while she slept. You are many Kids' Angel On Their Shoulder, my daughter included.

The world would be a better place if there were more caring people like you for these kids. God will bless you someday...You deserve it more than any person I know.
Thanks for all your help and kindness to my family. Wish us luck! We still, like so many others, have a long road ahead. God bless you and your family

Good luck! I take my hat off to you all, you are such wonderful people. The children of our world need to be taken care of.


Thank you for helping us get our girls back home. I felt like I was losing my mind at times and you kept me from jumping off that bridge. The girls are doing great, no longer in Special Education, and are becoming young ladies now! You would not recognize them.

The justice system is the worst in this country. It's amazing what some of these people get by with.

You are correct. I don't know if we ever "deal with" our losses. We just change our priorities around and do the best that we can without our children. I still miss my son so very much, daily.

Thank you so very much for adding my son's name. My thoughts and prayers are with Kristen and her family. So very sorry for her and the rest of the children.
T.G.'s mom

I just wanted to drop by to say "HI" and let you know that I am thinking about you today & always. You guys truly are the greatest-keep doing the hard work you do- others do benefit from it.