Hope4KidZ, Inc.
Advocacy Approach

Example of One Type of Advocacy We Utilize

The first step is community fact-finding, essentially a group researches a project to find answers to questions such as these:

Who makes decisions affecting children locally?
When and how are those decisions made?
What other key groups are out there?

Project Leaders then form Teams—organized groups of 5–50 members connected to each other either by an existing institution (e.g., child care center, school, congregation, workplace), a neighborhood, or an individual (e.g., Carol’s friends).

Teams identify one or two priority concerns related to children. Then Hope4KidZ Strategy Team, made up of 2-3 representatives from each Team, narrows down the many concerns to one unifying, broadly and deeply felt issue on which the entire Chapter will focus.

From there, the Team moves step-by-step toward formulating a concrete solution to propose to the appropriate local decisionmaker(s).

The information we gather will be formulated to allow us to view and present a much greater need. For instance, the below data reflects that over 137,000 families' lives were put under a microscope, accused/investigated for harming their own child, their names entered into a database (in case there are other calls), and for many families the long-term effects are devastating. This effects our community, our state, our country, indeed the very heart of society.

Questions arise from this information, such as:

  • Why are 75% of these reports considered, "Unconfirmed VICTIMS"?
  • What is the amount of increased/decreased reporting compared to the previous year?
  • What regulations in reporting and/or mandated reporters have changed, if any?
  • How to reduce the amount of over-reporting in order for caseworkers to be able to focus on the 25-30% of confirmed reports of abuse?
  • Solutions?

2002 Data Book The Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services

Region Alleged Victims Confirmed Victims Unconfirmed Victims Percent Confirmed
Lubbock (1) 9,124 2,784 6,340 30.5%
Abilene (2) 5,824 1,901 3,923 32.6%
Arlington (3) 45,531 11,209 34,322 24.6%
Tyler (4) 10,575 2,740 7,835 25.9%
Beaumont (5) 7,429 1,817 5,612 24.5%
Houston (6) 35,502 9,207 26,295 25.9%
Austin (7) 22,046 5,351 16,695 24.3%
San Antonio (8) 20,051 4,781 15,270 23.8%
Midland (9) 5,186 1,405 3,781 27.1%
El Paso (10) 5,478 1,301 4,177 23.7%
Edinburg (11) 18,161 4,908 13,253 27.0%
Other 17 5 12 29.4%
State Total 184,924 47,409 137,515 25.6%
Fiscal Year 2002 Alleged and Confirmed Victims of Child Abuse/Neglect by Region