Hope4KidZ Management Team

Sonit Handa, M.D. - Board Member & Executive Officer
Larry Wright, BS - Board Member & Chief Financial Officer
Cheri Davis, RN - Board Member
Gail Pabst - Board Member & Chief of Records
Joanna Wright - Board Chairperson, President, CEO

James Burns - Newsletter
Charles Hannash - Media Advisor
Chuck Ragland - Advisor

We have the ability to make tomorrow a better day for everyone's children. Yes, there is something that you can do as part of the Hope4KidZ Team effort to make certain that tomorrow is better for a child. There is no time to waste in a child's life; every moment of every day either advances or retards their development.

We are recruiting Advisors, Board Members with Various Specializations including Legal, Psychology, Medical, Field Assistants, Managerial Staff, Media Relations, Project Leaders, Volunteer Coordinators, and other organizations with similar goals. The response has been exciting and we look forward to forging these relationships, knowing that without you, Hope4KidZ would not exist. We are all volunteers of our skills, time, and money, in order to help make this a better world, for all our sakes, and more specifically: For All Our Kids Sake. If you would like to offer your time and skills, please email our Volunteer Team

James Burns with Reed Business Information, has donated his extraordinary design and layout skills to design an incredible new Hope4KidZ Newsletter. If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter by email, simply send an email to Newsletter Subscription Team. If you would like to submit an article for consideration in the Hope4KidZ Newsletter, please send your article to our News Team. All articles submitted to the News Team must include your first and last name, state of occurrence, and your phone number so we may verify the article.

We are waiting for the correct time to determine how to make the most of the wonderful, original autographed items from Artist, Musician, Michael Bolton and Ricky Williams, the lightest man on two feet, fastest running back ever, imo, and head of Run-Ricky-Run and the Running Back for the Miami Dolphins.

Hope4KidZ, Inc., is funded entirely by your continued support.
We accept credit card donations through PayPal

If you prefer to send a check or money order our mailing address is:
Hope4KidZ, Inc.
P.O. Box 55851
Houston, TX 77255-5851